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5 Great Benefits of a Titanium ring

5 Great Benefits of a Titanium ring
There’s a reason David Guetta and Sia decided to call their song “Titanium”—though it may not be technically fully bulletproof, this metal comes pretty darn close. And it makes a great-looking ring.

Next to platinum and tungsten, it is one of the longest-lasting materials. It’s also perfect for those looking for a variety of styles, as it comes in a range of colours (we even do an aqua) and they don’t scratch, bend, tarnish, or irritate skin.

They’re also uber-lightweight, making them a great choice for the guy or gal who isn’t used to wearing jewellery but wants a traditional-looking band.

There’s a lot to love about the titanium ring, so let’s fire away, fire away.

Are titanium rings safe?
This is one of the biggest myths about titanium rings. Some people (incorrectly) assume that titanium rings are unsafe because of the extreme strength of the metal. The fact is that standard hospital equipment should be capable of cutting through a titanium ring, should you find yourself in an emergency. (And of course, if you do injure your finger somehow, you should remove any ring you’re wearing straight away, before your finger starts to swell).

If you work with your hands a lot, and this is a major concern for you, there is always the option to also get a silicone band as a back-up. That way you can wear the silicone band when you’re working or in a situation where you don’t want a metal ring on your finger, and slip back into your titanium one later.

How strong are titanium rings?
Titanium is extremely strong and unbelievably lightweight. There’s a reason this is the material engineers use to build aircraft and surgical joint replacements.  Your titanium ring will easily withstand the knocks and bangs of everyday wear. We don’t recommend trying this, but if you hit your ring with a hammer (with moderate force), it will just bounce off without denting it or changing the shape.

It is also very resistant to cracks and scratches, so if you are not the type of person to look after your rings or worry about messing them up (no shame), this is the choice for you. You can go about your life and know that your ring will look just as great as when you bought it.

Are titanium rings comfortable?
Simply put, YES. Our titanium band customers tell us they almost can’t even feel the ring on their finger, it is so light and weightless. It is great for guys (and gals) who love the traditional metal band look, but really aren’t used to wearing rings and don’t like the heaviness of tungsten.

Can you make a titanium ring smaller? Is it possible to resize titanium?Everyone’s fingers change sizes throughout their lifetime—they can change depending on the temperature outside, the time of day, even what you’ve eaten. So it’s really important to select a size that feels comfortable for you. This is especially true with titanium, as it is not easily resized. They can sometimes be stretched a bit larger (like a half size), but almost never made smaller.

We always recommend carefully sizing before ordering any ring, and you can find our sizing guide here.

Do titanium rings tarnish?
Never. They won’t tarnish or corrode, and they’re OK to wear in saltwater and chlorine too. And since they don’t tarnish, you don’t need to worry about them giving you that gross green circle around your finger either.

On a similar note, titanium is also hypo-allergenic, so a great option for those with sensitive skin.

How to polish a titanium ring
It’s not really necessary, but if you want to give it a good clean and shine, you can use warm, soapy water, white vinegar, or even glass cleaner. Just dip and rub with a soft cloth. Easy as.

They’re a fantastic option for a no-fuss, comfortable, budget-friendly ring that also looks great on.

So if you’re pretty sure that titanium is the right material for you, it’s time to figure out which style suits you just as well.

If you’re after something classic, check out our dome, bevelled edge, or stepped edge designs.

Or if you prefer something a little more modern, you might be into a wood inlay, a unique colour, or a striking jet black.

No matter what you’re after, you’ll find it on our full range, as well a comprehensive sizing guide, and a no questions asked 60-day return policy.

Ready to find your ring?

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