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Engraving Services by ETRNL

Etrnl’s industry leading products are now extra special, with an added engraving service so you can get the ring of your dreams personalised. Whether you’re seeking a custom engraved ring or you’ve found your perfect match in Etrnl’s collection, engraved rings make your jewellery more than just bling. Now you can walk through life wearing an elegant and stylish memento to make you smile.

With a wide range of styles and materials, your perfect memory can also be your perfect accessory. Select from silicone, tungsten, titanium, and wood rings to find your perfect look, then nominate the text and font to have your new ring immortalise the important things in your life.

Custom Engraved Rings

Etrnl’s process for designing custom rings is quick and easy. You begin by consulting with an expert to ensure the design is just what you desire. Then select your materials from Etrnl’s range. The broad selection of materials will allow you to make a ring that not only looks good, but is comfortable and fit perfectly for you. So there’s no need to dream about that ideal ring any longer, because your dream can now become a reality.

Custom jewellery is an ideal way to create a meaningful design, but to make the piece truly special, Etrnl offers engraving services. An engraved piece will always hold special meaning and can be a reminder of a special time in your life. So now the jewellery which will remind you of that special occasion, person, or event in your life is only a few clicks away. 

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Engraved Silicone Rings

Silicone is a fantastic material for jewellery, as it’s tough and ready for all conditions. Put your unique spin on the ring of your dreams with engraving to make it your very own. Etrnl offers a wide range of stylish silicone rings for any occasion. Find out more at Etrnl’s silicone collection.

Engraved Tungsten Rings

Etrnl’s wide range of stylish tungsten rings will make any day special. Available in black, gold, silver, and rose gold, finding the perfect ring is easy. And with Etrnl’s lifetime replacement policy, you can change your look for a fraction of the cost. Etrnl’s engraving service can help you make your new ring uniquely yours. Find out more at Etrnl’s tungsten ring collection.

Engraved Titanium Rings

Titanium is a wonderfully light-weight, yet strong material. Traditionally used in engineering, this metal has become a popular material in jewellery. With a variety of finishes and colours, these sleek rings are made to entice and built to last. Engraving your titanium ring can create a memory as beautiful and lasting as the very ring itself. Find out more at Etrnl’s titanium ring collection.


Wedding Ring Engraving

The right wedding ring is not just beautiful, but tough enough to survive everyday wearing. The options available at Etrnl, whether Etrnl’s own designs or custom rings, all have one thing in common: toughness. These rings can be worn throughout your busy lifestyle without concern and with the option for engraved wedding rings, your ring will be a true commemoration of your big day.

Silicone is a flexible, slightly rubbery synthetic polymer that is comfortable for all situations. Whether you’re a gym junkie who wants to keep their wedding ring on for workouts or someone with an active job, like tradies, these rings are comfortable and can come along anywhere.

Tungsten is a dense and tough rare metal which is highly scratch-resistant. It’s hypoallergenic and it doesn’t tarnish, so your ring can last as long as your vow. This tough material can be elegant too, with finishes in silver and gold plating available.

Titanium is a super light and highly durable metal. While tough, it’s low density makes it very light, so you can wear a beautiful metal ring that you’ll barely feel. Titanium presents as a silver colour slightly darker than sterling silver, but the rings can be plated in gold and black finishes. You can stylishly wear a light, modern metal to commemorate your big day. 

Wood is a classic material and certainly a talking point. Most wood rings in the range are combined with tungsten to ensure durability while still allowing the natural grain of the wood to come through. Wood is also not just for wedding rings, as the traditional gift for a fifth anniversary is wood. So whether you’re buying for the big day or five years later, you’re covered.

For more information and help finding the ring for your big day, Etrnl’s guide ‘How To Choose A Wedding Ring’ can assist you in the big decision.

Engraved Signet Rings

Signet rings are making a comeback, and with Etrnl’s range of sizes and finishes, you’ll be sure to find your perfect statement. In black, gunmetal, silver, and gold finishes and options from the 6mm bar designs up to the bold 18mm designs there is a signet ring for you. With Etrnl’s engraving service you can make it yours, whether you go for the traditional initials or something more unique and personal, the signet ring you want with your own flair is here.

How Do We Engrave Rings

The quick and easy process at Etrnl will provide you with the ring of your dreams, beautifully engraved to capture the moment and keep it forever.

Simply select the piece, then nominate the font and text you would like to see on your special new ring. Your unique message will be inscribed using the latest state of the art laser technology.

To begin your journey towards the perfect ring for you, start with Etrnl.

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