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Do Damascus Steel Rings Rust?

Damascus Steel Rings are stylish, elegant and designed to last. While they are made with durable alloys and resistant to rusting, they also have some disadvantages. It’s essential to purchase a good quality ring as some may be made with lesser-grade metals that will rust, fade or cause skin sensitivities. Exposure to harsh chemicals and salt water can also make them more susceptible to degradation.

As with any jewellery, proper care, cleaning and maintenance will ensure you get the most out of these beautiful rings to last a lifetime. This article will provide guidance on the appropriate cleaning, care, maintenance and sizing of your Damascus Steel Ring to ensure it stays beautiful and rust-free for as long as your love endures.

What is a Damascus Steel Ring

Damascus steel has been around for centuries and was traditionally used to forge swords and blades. It is created by bonding surgical steel and stainless steel together at very high temperatures. This is what gives Damascus Steel Rings durability. Using ancient blacksmithing techniques, the two metals are folded and twisted together to create the beautiful patterns you see on the surface of the ring. It takes highly skilled and artistic hands to make Damascus Steel Rings, and that’s why no two pieces are the same.

Other advantages of Damascus Steel Rings are that they are affordable, easy to maintain and made of environmentally sustainable materials.

The disadvantages are that they are difficult to resize, may not be hypoallergenic and may rust if not correctly maintained. Not all Damascus steel are made equal; some contain inferior metal, making them more prone to rusting. Some may also contain nickel which will cause issues for those with skin sensitivities. We recommend researching thoroughly when purchasing a Damascus steel to understand what metal is used in it. Damascus steel made with sterling silver are less prone to rusting.

Besides wedding rings, Damascus steel can also be paired with diamonds to create engagement rings.

How to Clean a Damascus Steel Ring

Fortunately, Damascus Steel Rings are easy to care for and require no special equipment. Simply running it under warm water and cleaning it with soap using a toothbrush is all it takes. Doing this once a week is enough to clean the surface of daily debris and grime. Make sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth after each clean. Take care not to leave water on the surface to avoid the ring rusting.

If you wear your ring often, you may polish it once a week with a non-abrasive polishing cloth. A dab of whitening toothpaste can also be used to polish your ring gently.

Can a Damascus Steel Ring be Resized

Rings are traditionally resized by cutting a small portion of the ring at the thinnest point and soldering the two halves back together (to make the ring smaller) or adding more material to the ring and stretching it to make it bigger.

It is possible to resize Damascus Steel Rings. However, because they are tough and made to withstand a lot of pressure, resizing them will require a lot of heat and force, which may damage your ring. In addition, some of our Damascus Steel Rings have wood accents and resizing these will alter the look of the ring as there is no way to bend and cut the wood without damaging it.

If you have just bought a ring and it’s unworn, we are happy to replace it. Read more about our exchanges and returns here. We understand that things change, and if the ring no longer fits, we have a lifetime replacement policy that costs only $50 available for all metal rings. Read more about our lifetime replacement policy here.

Check out our helpful size guide here if you want to know more about getting an accurate ring size.

How Durable is a Damascus Steel Ring

Because of the metals used in their creation and the way they’ve been bonded together, Damascus Steel Rings are made to last. They are scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, tarnish-resistant and won’t corrode or degrade. They are the perfect ring for everyday wear and an outstanding ring of choice for active people as they are scratch resistant.

The only word of caution is that they do not do well when exposed to chlorine and salt water, so you will need to remove them before swimming.

When purchasing a Damascus Steel Ring, make sure it is of good quality craftsmanship as some designs are merely surface painted on the ring and not etched in. This plays a part in the ring’s durability as painted-on designs will flake off and deteriorate over time.

How to Care for a Damascus Steel Ring Properly

The good news is that Damascus Steel Rings are low maintenance, unlike gold or diamond rings, and you can maintain them yourself at home (see above on how to clean them).

As with most jewellery, exposure to harsh chemicals, salt water, sweat, and moisture can damage the metal. Here are our best tips on caring for your ring:

  • Ensure that no water remains on the ring and keep it dry.
  • Remove your ring when going to the gym or doing any activity where you will sweat excessively.
  • Don’t wear your ring when swimming, particularly in salt or chlorinated water.
  • Remove your ring when applying makeup, perfumes or lotions.

Following these tips will ensure your Damascus Steel Ring stays beautiful and rust-free for many years.


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