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Our Top 3 Work-Safe Wedding Bands for Construction Workers

Work hard, love harder with our construction-safe wedding bands for tradies

The universal emblem of eternal love (and endless debates on what to eat for dinner), traditional metal bands are still the most popular newlywed option. Gold, silver, platinum and black tungsten are often the go-to choices for grooms.

However, as a tradie, you’re probably aware that a metal band won’t cut it when it comes to the day-to-day physical demands, harsh environments and safety hazards of your trade. We’ve all heard how construction workers shouldn’t be wearing wedding bands while earning their crust… until now.

Whether you spend your days hammering away as a chippy or tinkering with cars as a mechanic, a metal wedding band can be dangerous, or at best, will end up with one too many scratches and dings. And if you just leave it on the bedside table for safekeeping during the week, you’ve spent good coin on an accessory you barely wear – catch-22, isn’t it?

Precious metals are also low in resistance and can carry enormous currents even at low voltages – this poses a, quite literally, shocking safety risk for electricians. And if that’s not enough, there’s also the fear of pretty serious injury if your wedding ring gets caught on something. Not a great idea for any hands-on jobs.

Plus, many wedding bands that are marketed as non-metallic may still have metallic inlays or accents in them, remaining a conductive risk. With that said, unless you’re game enough to get a permanent ring tattoo, you’re going to have to be particularly cautious about the style and material of your wedding ring.

Enough with the doom and gloom, what’s the best type of wedding band for a construction worker?

We’re so glad you asked! One word – silicone.

A relative newcomer to the ring scene, we’re a tad obsessed with silicone wedding bands and for good reason. So much so that we dedicated an entire blog to the benefits of having a silicone wedding ring. They’re the perfect solution for loved-up people who work with their hands but still want to show their commitment to their better half, aka YOU, my good, sentimental tradie.

Bias aside, let’s talk facts.

Why are silicone rings a safe option for tradies?

Etrnl silicone wedding bands are:

  • Made from non-conductive materials
  • Heat-resistant, withstanding extreme temperatures
  • Impossible to scratch
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight and thin, for premium comfort
  • Flexible, moulding to fit your finger perfectly
  • UV resistant and waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic and BPA-free

You’ll never have to worry about getting your new silicone wedding band dirty, wet or damaged when you’re on the job. They’re essentially indestructible wedding bands BUT will still give way and break when placed under extreme pressure, keeping your fingers safe.

Silicone wedding bands are a match made in heaven for construction workers and anyone that leads an active, hands-on lifestyle. They’re highly functional, super affordable, versatile and trendy, the perfect alternative to complement your everyday. With how comfortable and durable it is (and shower-friendly), you’ll forget you’re even wearing it! Need we say more? 

Here’re our top 3 favourite work-safe construction wedding bands

While we love all our ring options, we think the following three (in no particular order) are your best bet for construction-safe wedding bands:

Available in multiple colours and styles, with an extremely affordable price point, you can always change it up for a fresh look. For an extra sentimental touch, Etrnl also offers personalised engraving across our range of silicone bands.

If you’re looking for men’s work-safe wedding bands with zero fuss, and maximum bang for the buck, you’re going to love our men’s silicone wedding bands.

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