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Sustainable wedding rings: making a positive impact on the environment

While choosing amen's wedding ring seems simple, it's not a decision to take lightly. After all, you'll be wearing it forever! There's style, comfort and size to consider, as well as sustainability. 

Whether you love eco-friendly materials like titanium and tungsten or can't go past recycled gold, there are countless sustainable wedding rings for men.

So, if you're getting married and looking for a unique wedding ring that stands the test of time and helps protect the environment, this article is for you. We'll share our favourite sustainable wedding ring options and help you find a ring that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Why choose eco-friendly wedding rings: benefits and advantages

From protecting the environment to ethical considerations and unique design potential choosing eco-friendly wedding rings has many advantages. 


  • Reduced impact on the environment 

The obvious advantage of choosing sustainable rings is lowering our environmental impact. Think less reliance on mining natural resources, reduced pollution from manufacturing, and reduced water consumption. 

  • Conflict free materials 

Choosing ethical materials such as steel, tungsten, or wood can reduce the impact on vulnerable communities. Historically mining for precious minerals like gold, silver or diamonds has cost human lives. Choosing eco-friendly materials, like recycled gold or lab-grown gemstones, can reduce civil conflict and exploitation. 

  • Unique style and design 

Men’s wedding rings have traditionally been gold or silver bands, with little deviation from the norm.  Sustainable rings, however, made with materials like tungsten, wood or steel, offer unlimited creativity, allowing you can design a unique ring that suits your personality. From recycled gold bands with ethical diamonds to tungsten rings with a wooden accent, sustainable wedding rings are as unique as their wearer. 


Like all jewellery, sustainable rings can have a few drawbacks, namely durability (depending on the material) and value. 

  • Durability 

While some materials like tungsten and steel are incredibly robust, others like wood are more vulnerable to the elements. Keep this in mind if you're looking for a low-maintenance ring that's strong and scratch resistant. 

  • Value 

Gold, diamonds, or rare gemstones increase in value over time. Sustainable materials, however, offer less long-term value - something to consider if a ring's investment potential is a decisive factor in your purchasing. 

Ethically sourced and recycled materials for sustainable rings

Need help to choose an ethically sourced or recycled material that looks great and feels comfortable? These are the most common types of sustainable rings. 

  • Tungsten 

If you're looking for a sleek, modern, and ethical gold wedding band, you'll lovetungsten. Available in black or gold, tungsten is stronger than solid gold, lasts longer and is only a fraction of the price. 

  • Steel 

Steel is an extremely sustainable material as its strength offers endless recyclability and uses little energy to produce. OurDamascus Steel Rings are becoming a go-to for any man looking for a stylish, comfortable, eco-friendly wedding ring. 

  • Wood 

Wood is a renewable resource making it more environmentally friendly than gold or silver. At ETRNL, ourwooden rings are a popular choice for modern men looking for sustainable yet fashionable wedding bands. 

  • Recycled gold, silver or platinum 

Recycled materials are a sustainable choice. Whether you're lucky enough to inherit a wedding ring from your grandfather or see a vintage ring you love, wear it as it is, or ask a jeweller to remould it into a unique design to suit your style. 

  • Lab-grown diamonds 

Do you love the idea of a diamond wedding ring but question its origins? Lab-grown diamonds and other gemstones offer an eco-conscious alternative. With minimal environmental or human rights impact, they're an affordable option chemically identical to their mined counterparts.

Choosing the right sustainable wedding ring

While you might have your heart set on an eco-friendly material choosing the right sustainable wedding ring has to cater to your occupation, style and budget. 

  • Occupation 

If you work with their hands, you might prefer a durable and scratch-resistant ring. Tungsten and steel are obvious choices. However,silicon rings make a fantastic substitute while you're working. If you don't work with your hands, you have more flexibility. Wooden rings make a fashionable statement, perfect for the adventurer, while signet and titanium rings offer a traditional yet sustainable style. 

  • Budget 
  • Most sustainable rings offer an affordable price point; however, more expensive options are available if your budget permits. For example, a recycled gold ring with remoulded gemstones could set you back thousands. 

    • Style 

    While some men prefer an understated signet ring, others love Damascus steel rings for their unique and artistic finish. Whatever your style, with so many sustainable rings and styles to choose from, finding the perfect ring should be easy.

    Why get a sustainable wedding ring?

    Sustainable rings create more than a positive impact on the environment, they're an opportunity to celebrate lesser-known yet just as beautiful materials and reduce unethical practices. Whether using recycled, pre-loved or natural materials, they're full of character and charm and allow you to express your values. 

    Looking for the perfect sustainable engagement ring?

    If you're looking for environmentally friendly men's wedding bands that don't break the budget, you're in the right place. From wood to tungsten and ethical gold wedding bands, we have a wide range of sustainable engagement and wedding rings perfect for any modern man. So get ready to experiment with different ring styles that show off your unique style.