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The Benefits of Having A Silicone Wedding Ring

Silicone bands have really only been an option for a few years now, but they’ve exploded in popularity all over the world. The universal symbol of commitment no longer has to look like a gold band, and the traditional metal ring is struggling to keep up in a world where people need this important accessory to fit in with their lifestyles, not the other way around.

Times have changed, and the metal ring doesn’t suit everyone’s needs anymore. Over the years people have tried lots of alternatives: bone rings, wooden rings, even textile rings, but none held up like metal. Until now.

So instead of opting to leave the ring at home every day (which lots of people do)— a silicone ring is the perfect compromise for people whose lifestyles don’t suit a traditional ring but still want to wear a symbol of their love.

Why are silicone rings so popular?

It’s been a longstanding problem for people who work with their hands but want to show their commitment to their loved one— should I try to work around the ring or leave it at home? Silicone rings are the perfect option for people who dislike metal rings, need something strong and durable, and don’t want to worry about getting their band dirty or wet.

Silicone wedding bands are:

  • Extremely affordable, so can be replaced if lost
  • Strong and durable, stretching to fit your finger if it changes size slightly
  • UV resistant and waterproof, great for swimming or outdoor activities
  • Non-toxic and safe, a great option if you worry about injuring your finger with a typical metal band

How long do silicone rings last?

Silicone is strong enough to wear every day in any conditions, but will also give way and break when placed under extreme pressure. This is actually a good thing, because it means your fingers stay safe, and your ring is affordable enough to be replaced.

While it’s not likely to be passed on to your grandkids (really not the idea here anyway), it is definitely tough enough to last many, many years. They won’t scratch or scuff and should look great for a very long time without any fuss.

What are the best silicone wedding rings in Australia?

The best silicone wedding rings are made from medical grade silicone and are lightweight on your finger. It should feel comfortable and not bulky—though it can take a bit of time to get used to wearing any type of ring if you haven’t worn one on that finger before!

Always check the reviews before purchasing because although it’s a relatively inexpensive item, there are still some even cheaper knockoffs that won’t meet high quality standards.

Which are our most popular silicone rings?

Our five-star reviewed range is designed with styles to appeal to men and women. We have classic styles, stackable options, couples paired rings, beveled edges, even braided designs.

Our silicone rings come in a range of colours too, so you’re sure to find what you’re after.

Our absolute most popular is the silicone beveled edge ring, with its timeless look and three classic colours.

Are silicone rings comfortable?

Many customers say they are the most comfortable ring they’ve ever worn! If you’re sensitive to wearing rings or haven’t worn a ring before, we suggest you start with a slimmer design to get used to it. But yes, they are a great option for people who want a lightweight, stretchy alternative to a traditional heavy band.

They’re especially popular with men and women who work with their hands a lot.

 Is a silicone ring the right choice for you? 

Some of our customers use their silicone bands as their only rings, and others use them as a back-up band, for when they are working, travelling, swimming, cycling or working out.

If you are someone who prefers an affordable, comfortable, no-fuss ring over fancy or expensive one, then silicone bands could be perfect for you.

Check out our full range of silicone rings for men, women, and couples.

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