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Titanium vs Tungsten Rings: Which Is Stronger?

Titanium and Tungsten are contemporary and modern metals we use in creating unique men’s wedding rings. They look fantastic on the finger, but you would be surprised at the value for money you can get using Titanium or Tungsten in rings for men.

As always, when choosing the right ring to wear for the right occasion, you need to consider not only how it looks on you but also how you’ll use the ring daily. Is it hardy enough for every use, or do you only wear it for special occasions?

Titanium vs Tungsten Rings

We’ll make some quick comparisons for you on Titanium and Tungsten rings to help you make an informed choice over which metal best suits your style and lifestyle.


Tungsten is one of the hardest materials known, scoring 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. Titanium has a score of 6 on this scale. While Titanium is not as hard and durable as Tungsten, both metals are much harder than gold at 2.5 and Platinum, which comes in at 4 on the scale.

This means you can wear your Tungsten ring while out and about with your everyday work activities, without the fear of scratching and making it less attractive. If you’re a man on the tools, a Tungsten dress ring or wedding would be perfect.

The Mohs scale is a score from 1 - 10 which represents scratch resistance through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material.

Rarity & Price

Tungsten is a rare mineral to find on Earth. It is almost always found as a compound with other elements. First identified as a new element in 1781 and first isolated in 1783, it has the highest melting point of all known elements, except for carbon.

It is not an expensive material, in relation to other elements, often coming in the range of $100 to $350 per kilo. This makes it an excellent alternative metal for rings. It looks good and is great value.

Titanium is not considered a rare, or precious metal. It is the fourth most abundant metallic element and the ninth most abundant of all elements in the Earth’s crust.


One pound of Titanium can be purchased for less than $50, however, it is such a hard metal to work with. You need harder tools and a different skill set to work with Titanium, so this can push the price of jewellery made from Titanium up.


Tungsten is a solid and durable metal when compared to Titanium. This makes it far more scratch-resistant than Titanium. You could put your Tungsten ring through its paces, working in the garden or playing chef in the kitchen.

However, Tungsten is a more brittle metal than Titanium, making Tungsten rings more susceptible to cracking or shattering if impacted directly.


As a rule of thumb, Titanium rings are better for men who wear them day to day. While lower on the Moh scale, Titanium is still a very tough metal for rings and is a generally more durable metal for unique men’s wedding rings.


For two metals that look so alike, their weights couldn't be farther from each other.

Titanium rings are lightweight, and you’d barely feel them on your finger. If you have slender hands, an exquisite Titanium ring would fit your style, and you’d barely notice it there.

Tungsten, however, is a heavier metal, and you’d feel the heft of a Tungsten ring on your hand. Some guys like to feel the weight of a good ring on their finger, and Tungsten will definitely tell you it’s there.

Colour & Look

Both metals have an elegant, masculine, gunmetal grey colour. They match well with a tailored dark suit for a classy night out.

ETRNL has a range of gold and silver Titanium rings, as well as classic black rings to choose from.

Tungsten carbide can be seen in classic gold and some wonderful brushed metal finishes. We have somestunning designs available for you today.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Titanium rings are generally hypoallergenic. Anyone with skin allergies can usually wear a Titanium ring without any irritation.

Tungsten rings generally are made with the element cobalt. This can cause irritations and reactions in some skin types. Allergic contact dermatitis, especially where the ring sits on your finger, can be a common allergic reaction. See your GP quickly if this occurs.


Resizing rings made of Titanium or Tungsten is not easy due to both metals being extremely tough- high on the Moh scale. 

But, thanks to the low cost of each metal, it is often a better choice to purchase another ring to fit.

ETRNL also offers a lifetime replacement policy on all the rings we sell. For a simple $50 fee, we can help you replace your ring with a different size. Check the link for more details.

Shop Titanium & Tungsten Rings

If you’re looking for something different to traditional metals, such as gold or platinum, have a look at these modern and contemporary collections. Tungsten rings, orTitanium rings,  look bold, are a conversation piece, and can feel just as elegant as any other ring. You can still look a million bucks and not have the same price tag.


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