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Why You Should Get A Signet Ring to Solidify Your Relationship

So,what are signet rings for exactly? Since they’ve been around, signet rings have served many purposes - whether it’s to showcase style, exclusivity, or family heritage. 

That being said, at their very core, signet rings have been a meaningful and effective token for couples to helpsolidify their relationship. But how exactly do they do this? Let’s shed some light on this popular jewelry item. 

So,what are signet rings for and why should you wear them? Below, we’ve highlighted the key reasons why you should wear a signet ring to solidify your relationship - take a look! 

What Does A Signet Ring Signify?

So, let’s start with the basics -what does a signet ring signify? A signet ring is a metal ring with a flat top and gently sloped sides. Over the years, signet rings have served very different purposes compared to what they’re traditionally used for today. 

Traditionally, signet rings were largely related to family heritage and were dipped in wax to assist with sealing documents. Though as we’ve progressed, these popular jewelry pieces have evolved above thisinitial purpose into stylish accessories and are often worn as wedding rings. 

Because of this, the meaning and significance these rings have carried have also shifted - now symbolising connection, love, and devotion. 

What Are Signet Rings For?

Now that we know the traditionalsignet ring meaning and purpose, it makes it a bit easier to understand exactly why you should get a signet ring to solidify your relationship. We’ve highlighted these key points below - check it out! 

Connection. Are its very core, signet rings are a symbol of the connection you have with your partner. It acts as an expression of the attachment that you feel towards them and shows that they hold a special place in your life. 

Commitment.Especially since they’re often used as wedding rings, this shouldn’t come as a shock - one of the other key things that signet rings represent is a commitment to one other. A signet ring symbolises your devotion to your partner and wearing it every day helps toshowcase this commitment you’ve made. 

A Subtle Reminder.For many people, signet rings can be a gentle reminder for many things - whether it’s to respect your partner, or simply show how much they actually mean to you. A simple glance at your signet ring on your travels reminds you not to take what you have for granted. 

Personality & Style. Let’s put the meaning/ significance of signet rings aside for a moment. Aside from pushing these messages of connection and commitment, these jewelry items are often used as a stylising tool - just like many other jewelry items. With plenty of different styles and colours to choose from, signet rings can help you to stylise andrefine your look, or help you to infuse more personality into an outfit. 

Should I Get A Custom Signet Ring?

Yes!Custom signet rings are a great way to add more personality and sentimentality. With a little customisation, these rings transform into a gentle reminder of not only what your partner means to you, but a stronger reminder of the various milestones in your relationship. 

Especially if you’ve engraved the piece with a special date or location, your signet ring can take you back to thoseimportant moments in your life - whether it’s the day you proposed, the location of your first date, or anything in between. 

Having this quiet reminder hanging around your finger is a great reason to pause and reflect from time to time. Here are a few ideas of what you could engrave into a signet ring:

  • Significant date
  • Coordinates 
  • A special quote 
  • Quirky nicknames 
  • Initials
  • Poetry 

With these simple ideas, you can make your signet ring or wedding band all the more significant. 

ETRNL Signet Rings

If these deeper meanings of signet rings have you excited to start wearing one, be sure to take a look at the ETRNL signet ring range. With a sleek, minimalist design these signet rings aren’t stuffy or too over the top. Their stainless steel construction also makes them tough, yet comfortable to wear. 

To top it off, these pieces are also very customisable - elegantly engrave the initials of a loved one into the piece. 

Here are some of our favourite ETRNL signet rings! 

  • Black Rectangle Signet Ring 
  • First up, we have thisMen’s Black Rectangle Signet Ring - a fresh, contemporary take on the classic design. Its futuristic, yet masculine construction provides a sleek, casual look - perfect for any weekend out. It’s also very easy to style and is great for adding a subtle layer to any outfit. 

  • Gunmetal Bar Signet Ring 
  • For a slightly aged/ tarnished look, thisGunmetal Bar Signet Ring is simply perfect. The thinner frame has a width of only 6mm - providing a well-balanced appearance on the men’s hand. 

    Though it may have a slightly textured or tarnished appearance, the stainless steel construction means that it never needs polishing. 

    Looking for more options?Click here to browse the full ETRNL signet ring range.